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Q. We’ve heard a lot about Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas; how do we get there?

A. Piedras Blancas is less than 20 minutes' drive north of Sea Otter Inn on Highway One.


Q. What is there to see at the Elephant Seals colony?

A. It depends on what time of year you are there. Elephant seals are present throughout the year. Some months are more popular than others. For a calendar showing what happens when, click here.


Q. How close can I get to the Elephant Seals?

A. At Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal vista point, you can see the elephant seals up close and personal, but you are not allowed down onto the beach with the elephant seals. There are volunteer guides at the vista point and they are available to answer questions regarding elephant seals.


Q. Are Elephant Seals dangerous, and are there any safety rules?

A. Safety is important around elephant seals, so remember:

View the elephant seals from a safe and respectful distance; these animals are huge and can weigh thousands of pounds.
Dogs and seals don’t mix. Keep dogs on a leash and far away from the elephant seals.
Never get between an elephant seal and the water. Elephant seals are wild animals and are therefore unpredictable and potentially dangerous.
Please stay off the sand dunes at Piedras Blancas, as sand dunes are fragile ecosystems.
Federal law protects elephant seals. It is illegal to harass any marine mammal.

For more information on Elephant seals, visit the following Web site:


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