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6656 Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria, California, 93428 

Telephone: 805-927-5888 Toll free: 800-966-6490

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Cambria Attractions

Antique Stores

Cambria is home to several large antique stores, insuring hours of browsing pleasure as you seek the item you have been seeking for many years. Don't forget to check out the Cambria Nursery, which offers a large selection of antiques and collectibles, in addition to beautiful flowers and garden supplies.

Art Galleries

Cambria is home to several wonderful art galleries - paintings, sculpture, glass and more. Some present the creations of multiple artists; other art galleries specialize in specific painters. During the "Open Studios" Tour in October (see Calendar for dates), the many Cambria artists open their home studios to visitors.

Big Sur

Cambria is the end point of the beautiful Big Sur Drive, stretching over 100 miles along the coast up to Carmel in the North. There are few restaurants along the road, which is best enjoyed during the day due to the winding nature of the roads. (Note: there are very few gas stations along the drive.)


Cambria offers a great selection of boutiques, with clothing, gift items, home decor, jewelry and more.

Entertainment and Events

Cambria offers many fun events through the year, including a year-round Farmers Market every Friday afternoon. There are also two local community theatres - Cambria Center for the Arts and the Pewter Plough Playhouse - both with active year-round seasons.

Elephant Seals

If you have never seen a 5,000-pound animal bathing on the beach, now is your chance. There are only a few places in the world where elephant seals live and even fewer places where elephant seals are accessible to the public.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle rises above the clouds on many days of the year and appears to be floating on the mist. Positioned high on a hill some 1600 feet above sea level, Hearst Castle looks out over the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding countryside.

Lighthouse at Piedras Blancas

Just north of Cambria, enjoy a tour of the famed Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, built 1874 - 1875.

Marine Sea Life

Cambria is a Nature Lover's Paradise. Enjoy the monthly seasons for ocean mammals, seabirds, kelp along the California Central Coast.

Nitt Witt Ridge

The State Historical Landmark No. 939 plaque reads as follows:

Nitt Witt Ridge, one of California's remarkable twentieth-century folk-art environments, is the creation of Arthur Harold Beal (Der Tinkerpaw, or Capt. Nitt Witt), a Cambria Pines pioneer who sculpted the land using hand tools and indigenous materials, remarkable inventiveness and self-taught skills. A blend of native materials and contemporary elements, impressive in its sheer mass and meticulous placement, it is a revealing memorial to Art's unique cosmic humor and zest for life.

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 939.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation for saving and preserving arts and cultural environments with the Art Beal Foundation, non-profit and educational corporation. June 26, 1986.

Artist/recluse Art Beal bought his hillside lot in 1928, and spent most of the next 50 years carving out the terraces with only a pick and shovel, and creating his very own "castle on a hill." His Nitt Witt Ridge sits on a hill at 881 Hillcrest Drive at the northwest end of Cambria. Beal was garbage collector for the town of Cambria in the 1940s and '50s, and made good use of what other Cambrians were throwing away, as well as the natural materials on the property, in the nearby pine forests, and on the area's beaches.

After Art Beal's death in 1992 at the age of 96, Nitt Witt Ridge was maintained for a while by a group of interested Cambrians, but slowly it began to deteriorate, and there were doubts that this unique piece of Americana would survive into the 21st century.

In 1999, current owners and caretakers of Art Beal’s legacy, Michael and Stacey O'Malley, purchased Nitt Witt Ridge and resolved to save the two-and-a-half-acre labor of love. They have shored up staircases, re-done walls and parts of the foundation, and cleaned up the gardens. They share their enthusiasm for Art Beal and his quirky creation by providing guided tours of the property. Tour reservations are required. Do call ahead of time; the O'Malleys are at 805-927-2690.


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